Born in the Mouth of a Beast

by Hand of the Horsewitch



released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Hand of the Horsewitch British Columbia


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Track Name: Sisterhood of the Worm
Three sisters united palms touching firm
Bound by the sisterhood of the worm
The youngest of three crossed oceans and plains
To stand by their oldest and call out his name
The sibling between would ascend from below
Through soil upon soil from years of repose
They would offer a worm in the guise of a crown
And through reasons of glory it covered his brow
Track Name: Kingdom of the Forest Floor and Everything Beneath
Cries were shattered by the sound, of a horses scream
A black veined horse, with twisted mouth, who’s rider was a queen
Her kingdom was the forest floor, and everything beneath
Atop her horse she handed him, a seven pointed leaf
This leaf it had a silver sheen, and felt like serpent scales
The queen of all the ghastly things, then parted with her nails
The hair upon her withered brow, that hid her yellowed eyes
The matted hair that draped her back, was that of wolven hide
She pointed to the serpent leaf, one point was curling black
And whispered through her rotted teeth, “there is no turning back”
Her hairless horse then turned its head, towards the rising sun
It perked its ears, which warned the man, that it was time to run